Why Academic Writing Accounts are Dead in 2024


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For many aspiring essay writers, the allure of online writing accounts is undeniable. The promise of a pre-built client base, steady workflow, and seemingly effortless income seems too good to resist. But in 2024, the reality of academic writing accounts paints a far less rosy picture.

Here’s why you should ditch the shortcut of those academic writing accounts for sale and build your own dedicated website instead.

If you’d prefer the written guide, just keep reading 🙂

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Unreliable Revenue

The market for generic online writing accounts is oversaturated. Universities abroad are cracking down on plagiarism with ever-sophisticated detection tools. Students are becoming savvier, seeking out writers who can tailor content to specific requirements. In this competitive landscape, generic academic writing accounts struggle to stand out.

Moreover, academic writing accounts often operate on a middleman system, taking a hefty cut from your earnings. This significantly reduces your earning potential and makes your income highly dependent on the whims of the platform.

Quality Concerns and Limited Control

Even the best academic writing accounts often prioritize quantity over quality. With academic writers churning out essays for various clients, consistency and in-depth research suffer. You, as the account holder, have little control over the quality of work delivered under your account by your writers, potentially damaging your account reputation.

Also, with online writing accounts, you have little control over the projects you receive. You might be bombarded with low-paying assignments outside your expertise, hindering your ability to build a strong portfolio and attract higher-paying clients.

The Race to the Bottom

Online writing accounts are infamous for driving down payment rates. With a surplus of writers vying for essay writing jobs, clients can pick and choose, often opting for the cheapest option. 

Academic accounts are also saturated with writers just like you, making it an intense battleground for limited projects. Standing out and securing consistent work becomes increasingly difficult. This race to the bottom makes it difficult to earn a sustainable income as a writer through your account.

Building Your Brand is Key

The true value of a freelance essay writer lies in their unique voice and expertise. Academic writing accounts bury your individuality under a generic brand. Building your own website allows you to showcase your skills, experience, and areas of specialization, often attracting direct clients who value your specific offerings.

Client Relationships and Recurring Revenue

Online writing accounts offer a transactional experience. The focus is on completing tasks, not building relationships.

There are also reputation risks. The quality of writing on some online writing accounts can be uneven. If you’re associated with a platform known for subpar work, it can damage your reputation and hinder your ability to find future clients.

By establishing your own essay writing website instead, you can nurture client relationships, encouraging repeat business and referrals. This fosters long-term growth and financial stability.

Building Your Website: It’s Easier Than You Think!

Building your own essay website might seem daunting at first, but there are tons of essay writing website templates that allow you to build your academic writing website in just minutes.

Consider this an investment in your future as a freelance writer – an investment that pays off in terms of control, reputation, and ultimately, a thriving freelance career. The initial investment of time and effort in building your own essay writing service far outweighs the fleeting benefits of academic writing accounts.

Investing in yourself pays off. By building your own website, you take control of your career, develop your brand, and attract clients who value your unique writing skills. You can attract high-quality direct clients, command competitive rates, and build a sustainable writing business that thrives in 2024 and beyond.

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