5 Powerful Freelance Writing Tips for Beginners

freelance writing tips for beginners

Are you new to freelance writing? The tips below would guide you into avoiding the pit falls that most people often find themselves especially when starting out initially as freelance writers. Digest the helpful tips below and keep them in mind to guide you on how to get direct clients for your writing services.

Ad Revenue Will Earn you Peanuts

Freelance offers that propose to pay you in ad revenue will earn you little to nothing. A recent tendency for website and blog owners is to charter writers and propose to pay them a portion of advertising revenue. The reason for this is basically because they do not possess the cash to compensate a writer.

The problem here is, any client who does not possess sufficient cash to compensate a writer is most likely operating a new website or blog, and they do not have funds to budget for adverts also.

What this always entails is that there will be very few visitors visiting this site, and few or no traffic translates to little or no click on the ads. Consequently, little or no ad proceeds will be earned. A website requires several thousands of visitors each day before any reasonable money can be generated from ad revenue.

In conclusion, such kinds of job offers are a waste of your precious time. Google Adsense and the similar ads on your website or blog will give you the needed ad revenue should you desire it.

Always look out for new Freelance Writing work, even when you do not need it.

Do you want to assure yourself of a stable paycheck? You will need to vigorously look out for new freelance writing jobs. Always visit freelance writing forums, job boards and message boards regularly, even if you do not currently need the job.

It’s always a good idea to diversify your writing skills too. If you are an article writer, it doesn’t hurt to dip your head into academic writing too. Should you decide to explore that path, we have some nice ready-made essay writing WordPress themes to help you get started.

Long story short, staying on your toes will ensure you always have some new jobs to execute should you finish the ones you have at hand. It’s one good way to keep the flow of revenue smooth.

Do not give in to low-paying Freelance Writing job offers

There are lots of ridiculous and junk-like job offers all around the internet offering to pay one or two dollars per article to content writers. Visit job boards and discover where I’m coming from.

Many ads will tell you to write up to fifteen articles per day, so you can earn over $500 or more for each month. This may even appear like a good offer especially if you are financially handicapped at that moment.

Nevertheless, it’s nearly unworkable to produce up to fifteen articles each day. Such works are usually not worth it and in most cases before the month ends you find yourself totally exhausted and wanting out completely.

Connect with other freelancers.

Endeavor to connect with other freelancers out there; this helps you to stay accessible and keep abreast of events and happenings in the bigger network of writers and freelancers.

Freelancers also sometimes get good job offers through other freelancers too. Some writers often become too busy with extra assignments; this means they can pass on some of their projects and clients over to you.

When other freelancers know your area of specialty, they could recommend you for certain jobs that they come in contact with when they know you are an expert in that specific field.

Compose fresh articles and submit them to article directories.

Writing a few articles and submitting each of them to article directories can be beneficial in several ways. First, the author bio link in your articles points back to your site. This would help to ensure your website ranks better in the search engines.

Readers who study your articles might actually be in the directory looking for a good freelance writer to hire. Many freelancers Get Writing jobs through the articles they wrote and submitted to the article directories.

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