Purchasing Rules

Please read the rules below. We will not process any refunds if you don't read them!

For Theme Buyers

1. We sell Elementor Template Kits, not conventional WordPress themes. Template Kits are more Modern, Lightweight, and don’t require any maintenance or updates. You can read more about Elementor Template Kits Here

2. That said, the installation procedure for the kits you buy from us is different from that of normal themes. There will be a documentation for you inside the bundle you purchase. You can also access the documentation from here‘. 

3. If you would rather have us do the installation for you, that’s also fine. Installation is FREE. We. however, need your WordPress logins to do this. 

4. The template kits don’t provide any functionality. They are just design elements meant to provide your website’s interface. If you need the full website functionality with Order Management and Payments, you will need to purchase the Ordering Script separately.

For Script Buyers

1. The Ordering Script comes as is. We are not offering customizations at the moment. We only provide technical support. This means that in case you face any errors, we will help you fix them. But if you need to add more features to the script, you will need to hire an external developer.

2. The script has only been tested on Apache servers with cPanel. Like most systems, we cannot guarantee that it will work with all types of servers. To avoid issues, please buy a hosting account running Apache and cPanel. We recommend either Namecheap or Stablepoint


  • We only offer free support for the first month only. After that, support is paid.
  • All Access Pass subscribers get free ongoing support as long as they have an active subscription.

If you understand and agree to all these rules, please Proceed to Checkout below. If not, you can ask for clarification from support via Live Chat

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