Academic writing: The Millionaire-making Industry in Kenya

academic writing millionaire kenya

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Many graduates around the world consider academic writing a gold mine. While this notion might hold some truth in it, academic writing jobs are not exactly your easy way out to financial freedom. In reality, you have to be patient enough to learn the rules and tricks of the game. This is before you can even make a dollar from this industry.

Luckily, you can learn academic writing, as you pursue other non-academic writing online jobs. Such jobs include web design, SEO writing, copywriting, and digital marketing. In Kenya, paid assignment writing is a big industry. There are an estimated 250,000 people working exclusively as online writers in the country. Below are some of the questions most prospecting writers ask about this line of work.

How old is academic writing in Kenya?

Globally, essay writing services have existed since the inception of the era. In Kenya, this trade is about 15 years old since it started around 2008. Internet penetration was in its early stages in Kenya towards 2010. Owing to the heavy unemployment rate in the country, University graduates opted to go into online work to make a living.  There was obviously no better place to start other than the academic writing industry as a beginner.

How big is the essay writing industry?

Today as many as 150,000 people work as academic writers in Kenya alone. Globally the industry supports millions of livelihoods. This is without mentioning the hundreds of thousands that earn indirectly as support staff, landlords, and office employees. Back in 2020, Lancaster estimated the global essay writing industry (termed the contract cheating industry) to be worth slightly above $1 billion. Although stakeholders have loathed the trade, the huge demand for tutoring and assignment writing services has warranted a steady growth of the trade.

Is assignment writing legal in Kenya?

There is no law in Kenya that explicitly prohibits offering academic writing services to foreign students. However, contract cheating is unethical and punishable if the clients are local students. That being said, Kenyans are famous for offering genuine tutoring services both locally and internationally which is well within the law in many countries. The legality of this kind of writing has been one of the grey areas that most academicians are not open to discussing.

However, if the question that lingers in your mind is whether essay writing is legal, the simple answer is a straight Yes. The bone of contention surfaces when you submit someone’s own work as your own.

What is legal writing?

Legal writing is the compilation of texts that a lawyer must submit as his or her expression after analyzing fact patterns and coming up with a series of arguments to support a case. Legal writing is a type of technical writing and is in no way related to essay writing.  Paralegals, lawyers, and judges are generally required to be knowledgeable in legal language and writing.

How do I start an academic writing business?

The most important step you should take when starting a successful academic writing business is to understand how the industry works. You should familiarize yourself with key aspects of the essay writing business which include:

  • Academic writing seasons
  • Methods of Payments
  • Where to get academic jobs
  • How to open a writing account and which accounts are the best
  • Formatting styles and proofreading
  • Key terms in the trade and their meanings
  • Online Support groups for academic writers.
  • Plagiarism and its repercussions
  • The dos and don’ts of the writing business

After learning how the trade works, it is wise that you start by finding a job from someone who has been in this business for some time.  This will help you get a deeper insight into key concepts in the business.

Additionally, you should strive to own an account or an essay-writing website that will boost your business in the long term. However, due to the volatility of academic writing accounts nowadays, writing businesses are proving to be more lucrative than writing accounts. That’s where B2B support services like Essay WP Themes come in. We can help you kick-start your Mega assignment writing business website in minutes by buying one of our ready-made WordPress themes for essay writing.

Where can I learn academic writing?

Commercial writing is best learned through apprenticeship. At least this way you have someone to show you the way whenever you go wrong. Luckily, nowadays you can get jobs online from veterans in the writing business. Through platforms like Writers Admin, you basically get to work with genuine, local employers who can teach you directly or indirectly.

Particularly if you are someone who knows how to build rapport quickly, employers will love your zeal and be willing to spend their free time guiding you. There is also another channel where you can learn essay writing skills by paying someone to teach you the skill. There are hundreds of academic writing tutors in Kenya. These writers charge anywhere between Kshs3000 to Kshs15000, depending on the time they’ll train you.

However, since there are many free academic writing training options available, why would you spend a coin to learn something that you can teach yourself for free? All it requires is some bit of determination and commitment and in no time you will be a qualified copywriter.

What do you mean by academic writing?

Academic writing is a form of writing used in scholarly works or university publications. It uses a rather formal style of writing like what you would find in school journals, research papers, and dissertations. In slang, the phrase could also refer to the trade of writing academic papers for money similar to what essay mills do. Academic writing services are quite common nowadays in most parts of the world.

It should be noted that this form of writing is used as a way of expressing and communicating ideas to other scholars and academicians. It is therefore imperative that students do thorough research on a topic before presenting their work to other scholars.

What are the two types of academic writing?

There are two types of academic writing, Student academic writing, and Expert academic writing.  The former is meant to refer to papers that students and undergraduates write while in college. It’s submitted chiefly as an assignment. On the other hand, the latter refers to expert writing meant for publications, books, and journals.

Table of Contents

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