WordPress SEO – How to Rank your Essay Writing Website on SERPs

I recently watched a great video by Tod Maffin on getting better website rankings for WordPress websites and I felt that this resonated a lot with the Essay Writing industry. The video is very rich in useful content and I surely enjoyed watching it, but I found that I needed to write down the main points so that I could share today in this article.

Setting up your Essay Writing Website

As you probably already know, setting up your own essay writing website is the easiest way to get your own direct clients in the academic writing field. If you still haven’t done this, we still have some amazing ready-made WordPress templates for essay writing to help you launch your own website in minutes. With that out of the way, let’s optimize this website for SERPs.

Here are the main takeways that you can follow to help you rank your essay writing website better on SERPs.

Audit your Website with Spider Tools

Some of the common problems with essay writing WordPress websites as highlighted by Tod are missing tags – meta tags, title tags, image alt attributes etc. While they might seem small, they contribute a whole lot to how search engines view and index your website.

Another potential issue is duplicate pages as a result of link inconsistency. For instance, a page might be referred to as www.page.com or simply as page.com. Search engines might treat these two as independent pages and hence see them as duplicates on your site.

To find and solve these some of these problems, tools like Ahrefs and Screaming Frog can help you find what can be improved in all your webpages using the crawl diagnostics. There are tons of videos on YouTube on how to use these tools to audit your website. Screaming Frog is particularly good because it features a spider tool which mirrors most search engines. So the tool almost sees what other SERPs see.

Work on your Website Speed

Chances are, you have tons of questions on your website which arguably contribute to your SERP ranking and bring in traffic to your website. But as you continue to add more assignment questions to your site, your database continues to bloat. You have 2 options here: either upgrade to a more powerful host or scale down your background tasks. Either method will fix this problem if done correctly.

Website speed is a major problem with essay writing websites and will often contribute to bad user experience, low SERP rankings, and in some extreme cases being banned by your host.

Other than working on a better host and optimizing your database, it’s also worth making sure your website design is lightweight and responsive. If you are using any of our essay writing Elementor templates, this should not be a problem. We’ve got you covered on that!

Other speed optimization tricks you can try include: choosing better image formats (e.g Webp), using a CDN (I recommend Cloudflare), enabling website caching using a plugin like LiteSpeed.

Leverage a good SEO Plugin

SEO plugins are the oldest trick in the book and are built to help you rank your essay writing website better on search engines by managing all the important SEO tricks for your website. These include meta tags, sitemaps, permalink structure, and so on. There are many SEO plugins in the WordPress repository, but I personally recommend Yoast. Rank Math is also pretty good.

SEO plugins allow you to change your meta titles and descriptions into human-friendly formats. While this doesn’t necessarily help Google index you better, it goes a long way in increasing your click-through rate in search results. SEO plugins have pre-built templates to help you set up these metadata easily. They also allow you to add open graph information to define how your posts interact with social media platforms – an otherwise complicated process.

Finally, you can generate an XML Sitemap for your website easily which will auto-update frequently. With so much content and assignment questions on your academic writing website, XML sitemaps are the Holy Grail for you. Pay attention to the permalink structure of your pages by omitting useless words and concentrating instead on your target keywords.

Use A.I Writing Tools for SEO Content

When all is said and done, Content is still King. Ranking your essay writing website on Google will ultimately depend on the kind of SEO content you have. Uploading assignment questions on your essay writing website will not guarantee results unless you supplement those questions with good SEO content. But SEO content is expensive, so instead, try using A.I writing tools like Jasper.ai to get optimized SEO content for your academic website.

Again, Yoast can help rank your academic website better because it shows under your posts a WordPress SEO section where you can enter your focus keywords and receive suggestions about alternate keywords. Yoast also provides an analysis of your page where you can then see if your focus keywords has been used in all the important sections of your posts e.g the title, URL, well-distributed within the content and other important parts of your page.

Final Words

Understanding the structure of your essay writing website is an important key to optimizing it. WordPress by itself does a good job in giving you a stable framework to build your website on. We also provide you with optimized and responsive essay WordPress themes to help you deploy quickly and effectively. So the only missing part of the equation is content and optimization.

Google Webmaster Tools is a gem in analyzing how Googlebots and visitors interact with your essay writing website. In a nutshell:

  • Review your site design and readability. Would a real human would OK with it?
  • Start fixing major site crawl issues
  • Increase your website speed
  • “SEO-ize” each new page (Yoast is helpful) and post from herein
  • Use Webmaster Tools at least monthly

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