How to Get Direct Clients for Academic Writing on WeChat


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Tired of online writing accounts with their high fees and strict rules? Perhaps it’s time to start hunting for your own essay writing clients. Today we are going to explore how to target asian students and land direct clients for academic writing on WeChat

Why Target Direct Clients on WeChat?

As a freelance writer, you probably know that standing out in the sea of academic writing services can be tough. Before you rush to look for direct clients in USA like everyone else, let’s take a step back and think on a much broader scale.

WeChat boasts over 1.2 billion active users, a significant portion of whom are Chinese students on scholarships abroad. This massive student base makes it a goldmine for academic writers seeking direct clients on WeChat.

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  1. Targeted Reach: Unlike general social media platforms, WeChat allows for targeted group chats and connections within student communities in the Asian demographic. You can directly connect with a niche set of essay writing clients!
  2. Direct Communication: WeChat fosters direct communication with students, enabling you to understand their specific needs and build trust. Negotiate rates, discuss deadlines, and provide updates with ease.
  3. Convenience for Clients: WeChat is an all-in-one app for many students. They can contact you, share assignment details, and make payments – all within the familiar WeChat interface.
  4. Build Trust & Reputation: Cultivate long-term relationships with students who may return for future projects and even refer you to their fellow classmates.
  5. Reduced Competition: Bypass crowded freelance platforms and connect directly with students to negotiate better rates directly, maximizing your earnings per project.

How to Land Essay Writing Clients on WeChat

Now that you understand the potential, let’s explore how to build your presence and attract direct clients on WeChat:

Set up a Professional Profile

It all starts with your profile. Write a clear bio showcasing your academic writing expertise, areas of specialization (essays, research papers, etc.) and highlight your academic background.

You will also want to upload a polished profile picture. This is the first thing students will look at before hiring you. If it looks fake or downloaded, then you are off to a terrible start.

Use WeChat Moments

WeChat Moments will generally get you invited to the “Friends’ circle”. Use them to share engaging content that showcases your knowledge.

This could include writing tips, interesting essay writing blogs, or even success stories from past clients (with permission, of course!).

Join Relevant Groups

Join WeChat groups catering to students at your target universities or fields of study. Once you are in, actively participate in discussions, offering helpful advice and subtly promoting your writing services.

It is important to provide value, not just sales pitches. Offer helpful advice, answer writing-related questions, and establish yourself as a knowledgeable resource. You can also consider offering free consultations or sample essays (without coming off as cheap!) to demonstrate your skills.

Build a Rapport

Above everything else, engage in friendly conversations, participate in discussions, and build genuine connections with students. Remember, WeChat is a social media app and people are there to have fun. So join them in the fun to build genuine connections.

While building your reputation in the community, practise “strategic friending”. Look for student profiles mentioning academic struggles or time constraints. Offer help directly through a polite message.

Leverage WeChat Mini Programs

Explore WeChat Mini Programs that connect academic writers with direct clients. These mini-apps can be a great way to expand your reach and find new opportunities.

How to Find WeChat Groups for Essay Writing

There are 2 main ways to find relevant WeChat groups related to your interests: Keyword search and Group invites

With keyword search, you can utilize WeChat’s search function to find groups with keywords like “essay help,” “assignment assistance,” or “academic writing.” However, this often generates lots of irrelevant results from channels, articles etc.

So the next best thing is group invites.

WeChat is somewhat a closed community where people rely heavily on word of mouth to find their interests. The best way to find relevant groups is by getting invited by someone who is already a member.

So start by looking for people who are already in essay writing groups on WeChat. You can find these on forums like Reddit and Discord. Once you find them, just pm one of the users asking them to let you in 🙂

Bonus Tips

  • Build your own website: A website shows you are a professional in the space. It also makes it easy for your clients to track their orders and make payments with ease. Get started by picking one of responsive essay writing website templates here.
  • Transparent Pricing: Be upfront about your rates. Offer tiered packages based on assignment complexity and deadlines. Transparency builds trust.
  • Clearly Define Your Niche: Be clear about what you can and can’t do. If you only specialize in nursing assignments, be upfront about it.
  • Testimonials Matter: Encourage satisfied clients to leave positive reviews on your profile.
  • Be Responsive: Students often have tight deadlines. Prompt communication is key to building trust.
  • Payment Methods: Agree on a secure payment method upfront, such as WeChat Pay or Alipay.

Remember, consistency is key! Regularly update your profile, prioritize engaging with potential clients, and deliver high-quality work to establish yourself as a go-to resource for essay writing help on WeChat.

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