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Transform your essay writing website to a Mobile App and give your clients a better ordering experience. Publish on Playstore for free marketing. Retarget clients and offer them discounts through push notifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What am I getting exactly?

We will convert your essay writing website into a webapp which you can submit to Playstore for publishing. 

Having your website as an app comes with tons on advantages including more visibility, trust from clients, and customer loyalty among many others. Please check out this article on Why you should convert your website to an app

Is this a one-time fee?

Yes, this is a one-time fee. You only pay for the initial development. We will send you the bundled APK plus the AAB files required by Google for publishing.

What about making changes and updates to the app?

This will depend on the level of customization you need. Please contact us so we can understand your needs first.

Can you publish on Playstore for me?

At the moment, No. You will need to apply for your own developer account on Playstore and go through the publishing process. Here’s a video on how to do this.

Do you need anything from me?

Yes. We will need some basic preferences such as your preferred App Icon, colors, and a few more other bits. Once you place your order, someone will contact you with a complete list of the requirements (all very basic).

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